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How to Use this Board

  1. Pinboard Features
  2. Post to Pinboard
  3. Delete Recs from Pinboard
  4. Edit Recs from Pinboard
  5. Tag Categories
  6. Notes
  7. Contact



All texts are searchable, including tags. Just make sure to always use Search User.

RSS Feed

You can filter RSS feeds for up to three tags:

For example, an RSS feed that only gets complete and unlicensed recs:

Tag Bundles

Tags can be grouped if they are prefixed. (see Tag Categories). Contact me if you want to add new tag bundles.

Tag Filters

You can filter using multiple tags from the tag cloud. Click on the + on the right side of tags to keep adding filters or - to remove. This also updates the URL which means you can share the filtered links. For example, these are all Harada's works that have a BLCD and are tagged as complete:


Via Email

The email format is simple. The subject line is the bookmark title, the first line of the email is the URL, the second line is the description and the third line is for the tags. Please always add a tag new for the benefit of the RSS feed.

  • The email really does have pluses in it.
  • Only the pinboard servers receive the email so we're all still anon.
  • It takes about 15 seconds for the link to appear on the board.
  • I haven't tested multiple paragraph descriptions through email. To be safe, use a single paragraph for the description.

Here's a sample email:


Subject: Don't Call Me Dirty - Gorou Kanbe


When a young man takes in an unfortunate vagrant, helping him clean up and get back on his feet, a special relationship begins to blossom between the two unlikely companions.

author:gorou-kanbe theme:homeless theme:small-town theme:social-exclusion theme:wholesome licensed:yes status:complete new

Via Batch Import

If you want to import a lot of recs, I just need a file with this content:

Go to to get the current timestamp and use that value on ADD_DATE for all your recs.

Send me the file or a Pastebin link so I can import it. Better email in case I miss it.

Via Other Bookmarking Services

You can post to pinboard using other bookmarking services. I recommend since it has all the fields pinboard has.

Use third-party services like If this then that to post from your bookmarking service to pinboard if you can't connect natively. This is still anon as there's no indicator who posted.

API Token: yrecs:5884022E95A60C6EFFEA (that's username:token)

You can also export your bookmarks as HTML and I can import that for you, but that's less anon and you'd need me for it.


  1. Copy the URL of the rec you want to delete.
  2. Go to to make it URL friendly by pasting the URL and click >ENCODE<.
  3. Attach the resulting text after the &url=
  4. Use the link you created to delete that rec.

If you want to test, try adding a unique dummy link to the board and follow the instructions above to delete your dummy link.

Any recs being added are automatically being backed up hourly on my own account. If for any reason it needs to be restored, email me.


There is no way via API I can find to edit bookmarks in pinboard. As such, it is best to just delete the existing rec and add it back again. Remove the tag new so anyone subscribed to the RSS feed can filter it out.

For mass edits related to tags and tag bundles, you'll have to contact me.


Tags are separated by spaces. Use hyphens to replace spaces on multi-worded tags.





dub-con/rape/etc. for content warnings. Example:

content:rape content:gore



genre:comedy genre:slice-of-life


  • licensed:yes
  • licensed:no


  • status:complete
  • status:ongoing


Freeform tags about the content. Check existing tags if available (use the search box). Example:

theme:slavery theme:omegaverse


manga/manhwa/manhua/oneshot/visual-novel/any other media type. Example:

type:manga type:oneshot


Other media adaptations available such as anime, OVA, live-action, drama CDs. Example

has:anime has:drama-cd




Feel free to post suggestions in the discussion thread.


I can post notes like for Dousei Yankee ( so just request if you need a new note added.


last updated november 2020