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Tags are grouped on the following categories:
dub-con/rape/etc. for content warnings.
freeform tags about the content. check existing tags if available
> type
manga/manhwa/manhua/oneshot/visual-novel/any other media type
> has
other media adaptations available such as anime, OVA, live-action, drama CDs

Feel free to post suggestions in the discussion thread.

You yourselves can add recs to the pinboard through email.

The email format is simple. The subject line is the bookmark title, the first line of the email is the URL, the second line is the description and the third line is for the tags. Here's a sample email:

Subject: Don't Call Me Dirty - Gorou Kanbe
When a young man takes in an unfortunate vagrant, helping him clean up and get back on his feet, a special relationship begins to blossom between the two unlikely companions.
starttag author:gorou-kanbe theme:homeless theme:small-town theme:social-exclusion theme:wholesome licensed:yes status:complete

> The email really does have pluses in it.
> Only the pinboard servers receive the email so we're all still anon.
> It takes about 15 seconds for the link to appear on the board.
> Use starttag on tags line
There's something iffy going on when it parses tags so to make it easy for me to fix it, use this tag.
> I haven't tested multiple paragraph descriptions through email.
> Notes
I can post notes like for Dousei Yankee ( so just request if you need a new note added.
> Editing and deletion will have to go through me. Email is yrecmethis at

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