Alan Jacobs asks Sara Hendren some questions

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@ablerism Hey Sara, may I ask you a favor?

@ayjayredux Yes of course.

@ablerism Would you be so kind as to direct me to readings that could help me think better about these matters: 

@ablerism I would be really grateful.

@ablerism {when you have time, of course!}

@ayjayredux I will try! It's a little beyond my scope, tbh. Stand by—I have some airport time and will dig a little.

@ayjayredux ps I loved Bateson while in history grad school and have always wanted a re-entry to that text, so thanks.

@ablerism You're very kind. In a way, it's "all tech is assistive tech," yes? But I am conceptually limited and this is going into a book.

@ayjayredux If you want to extend/explore blindness as ex, Georgina Kleege has written on this.

@ayjayredux I interviewed her on senses and perception and tech. Refs to interesting H. Keller ideas. 

@ayjayredux The Prosthetic Impulse is a collection taking apart prosthesis as philosophical/aesthetic metaphor in interesting ways. [ this book? ]

@ayjayredux Like literally taking apart the over-romanticization/simplification/metaphorical registers of these tools.

@ayjayredux More coming in a few; I know there's something else you're working on...

@ayjayredux Do you think Victor Papanek might be useful to you? On open/flexible/appropriate-able tools, neither inherently friend or enemy.

@ablerism Already very helpful! I am pissed that I forgot that interview with Kleege, and glad to be reminded of it.

@ablerism I will see! Sounds very helpful. I am trying to articulate something that avoids both naïve voluntarism/instrumentalism and ...

@ablerism ... an equally naïve collapsing of categories, in this fashion: …. No, I'm not a cyborg b/c I use tech ...

@ablerism ... but then neither am I a fully enclosed boundaried person whose "tools" are altogether outside and distinct from me.

@ablerism Papanek looks useful for the same reason I asked you! Some empirical, experiential bones for the otherwise too-abstract theory.

@ablerism (but because you're theoretically reflective I knew that asking you would be a good idea!)

@ayjayredux Right. Right. This is what's in the best of the Prosthetic Impulse. I'm gonna tag you in an old Instagram photo (book excerpt). [ Said Instagram is here: ] [ this book? ]

@ablerism Thanks! I'm already looking at Sobchak's chapter, which reminds me of what Illich says in Tools for Conviviality about tools ...

@ablerism ... that require our bodies to generate the energy necessary for them to work.

@ayjayredux Yeah, I wondered what you're making of Illich. Eager to hear.

@ablerism Well, he's pretty much my hero in these matters, but some of his arguments need updating.

@ayjayredux Glad to hear you say that! I always want to intro students and others to him but fear they'll find him hopelessly 70s.

@ayjayredux In general I think you could use the political critique of the too-naive-cyborg in disability studies to find language for

@ayjayredux ...complexity more broadly. Maybe search sdsquarterly online for Haraway and cyborg and such. Or follow Sobchack paper trail.

@ablerism Will do! Current thoughts, super-brief: cheap cyborg rhetoric tends to elide the fact that the tech you say is "part of you" is...

@ablerism ... often built by large corporations for their profit. Anything but "convivial"! I have the same problem with people who ...

@ablerism ... fetishize the algorithmic — as though algorithms aren't written by humans, typically in order to please their bosses!

@ayjayredux Dude. Yes. Please write this book and make haste!

@ablerism Fred Appel, my editor at Princeton UP, asked if I'd write a brief aphoristic expansion of my 79 theses:

@ablerism Like I could say no to that. But, importantly: it means a lot that all this doesn't sound stupid to you.

@ayjayredux Whoa! Such good pedagogical material here. And such good entry for disability-tech critique...

@ayjayredux asking: How else, how else, how ELSE might selves & bodies be mediated? Without romance or dystopia. With supple dimensionality.

@ablerism Well, thanks! though I really need to improve the stuff that touches on disability & the "assistive," which is why I bugged you.

@ablerism Exactly! And thwarting our conventional categories rather than pressing us to choose one of them to (simplistically) guide us.

@ablerism Which is precisely why I think the "blind man's stick" thought-experiment is so valuable. And the debate between Rorty and Eco...

@ablerism ... about how far one can go in "redescribing" a screwdriver.

@ayjayredux The instagram excerpt is from Jos Boys's new book, which might also be helpful. Will report, just starting but theory-rich.

[ Said Instagram is here: ]

@ablerism Thanks so much. so much to learn ... but that's where the action is, yes?

@ayjayredux Yes. (...she said, preparing to try to speak intelligently about physics for bio-inspired fall studio projects). Talk soon!

@ayjayredux (Ok last thing. Soon my Eyeo talk will be online & these ideas are resonant there. Please watch your humble former student?)

@ablerism With pleasure! I'll keep both eyes open for it!

@ablerism @ayjayredux 🙇🏻

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