What are some motivators for people

Better results
Be more successful
Better ways to do work
Better problem solving
Better ways to learn
Better ways to work together
Better ways to communicate
Better ways to relate to each other
Better teams
More fulfilment
More safety
Create space for more of me
Increase quality
Increase impact
Get more respect
Share more
Teach more
Better planning
Improve daily habits
Try new things
Reduce violence
Reduce competition
Increase collaboration
Tap into the collective intelligence
Reduce fear
Reduce resistance
Reduce division
Increase understanding
Increase empathy
Increase learning
Make everyone a teacher and a student
Increase options
Increase solutions
Improve problem solving skills
Shape our own progress
Explore divergent perspectives productively
Create more opportunities
Learn more about each other
Increase the bonds between us
Reduce complexity
Increase simplicity
Increase our understanding of living systems
Increase our understanding of each other
Reduce conflict
Learn conflict negotiation skills
Increase our understanding of the machine that is our team and organization
Increase our reliability
Increase our predictability
Increase our understanding of how systems evolve
Learn how to increase invitation and reduce demand
Learn quick ways to achieve specific objectives

last updated march 2020