as well as slowly, slowly failing at a range of things (postlove, being a therapist, writing a second book, crafting a brand new handmade lo-tech website) i've totally given up on social media due to its extreme stupidity but of course i have a different relation to my own stupidity so i can't help but want to post links to interesting bits and pieces and to comment on things i see and read, even if it's only to say "jeez" or "omfg!!!!!!".

but i'd rather do so in a place to which people have to go specifically if they are interested rather than being part of a commercial stream of digital detritus alongside ads for things which an algorithm has determined you should need or want.

so ... enter pinboard, 'a social bookmarking site for introverts', made by the inimitable maciej cegłowski (who also coined the idea of slowly, slowly falling).

all my public posts and comments are here and you can see my public posts on specific tags/topics by clicking on a tag/topic on the right hand side of the main pinboard screen) eg here are all my mac links. also each tag/topic has its own rss feed for those that are that way inclined.

last updated march 2020