mousefountain on game tech

I feel deeply ambivalent about a lot of art / tech things in games because I really respect the care and craftsmanship that goes into them but also find them to be totally ignoble pursuits where every time I think- but what if you Just Didn't.

My, maybe hot? take is to just say that if we'd been locked at the same processor & graphics technology that we had circa 2005 we would be missing...almost nothing, culturally speaking. Better tools would be nice.

and this isn't even a 'gameplay is king!' argument, I think vivid aesthetic experiences are self-justifying, in a way. I just think most of the those don't come from rigorous pursuit of finer and finer detail

I don't know, ever watch a painstakingly animated cut scene with facial motion capture, voice acting, the whole deal, and think like... I would feel no different about this if it were visual novel style pop-up portraits and text boxes ??

last updated august 2020