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Small Desktop Computers

Our love for small computers and more precisely small desktop computers is that they fit in their environment. They only take over the space they absolutely need but they refrain from occupying a whole table or room.
This sensation you have of a somewhat quiet peace where the machine can be referenced, consulted and pondered by slightly looking left or right is in my opinion one of the decisive reason of the endearing aspect of small computers.
If you look at some of the pictures on (where people showcase their creative spaces, desks, studio, etc) you'll see that the computer now occupy the center of the space. It displays a continuous stream of informations, being both an indispensable tool for work and a kind of personal television that can't be completely be turned off.
The small desktop computer was also a complete object, with a clear symbolic language.
The computer was not yet a telephone, a television, a radio, it was a computer.

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