Noel's Pitch Letter

steal elements of his note for your own purposes. Look at the way he helps you to recognize a 'Noel-solvable' problem. Look at the succinct way he conveys the unique 'Noel-selling-proposition'. He makes it really easy for others to help him.

Hi Jerry:

I'm writing some friends and contacts to promote that I would like to help people you know who need outplacement and job search coaching. I've prepared a one-page note that I hope you will take a minute to read and then connect me with those I can help...

For over 20 years, I've been a career planning and job search coach. Immediately after my time at Harvard Business School; during my years as a management consultant (including at BCG); and through my career in executive search (including at Spencer Stuart), I've helped hundreds of people on their executive career paths. I love doing it, I'm great at it, and given the need in this economy, I want to help many more.

Are there people you know who are about to leave or have recently left their jobs? I particularly want to connect with those who have not yet started to use the services of a traditional outplacement firm.

My clients will tell you that I am a superior choice to traditional outplacement firms for motivated senior executives who come "with their own batteries included." I base my outplacement coaching on what senior executives tell me are the issues with traditional firms. For example, the traditional outplacement firm will:

provide just 5 to 15 hours of personal coaching while I deliver on the order of 50 to 100 hours;
provide few, if any, direct networking connections while I can easily provide over a dozen;
sponsor large impersonal networking groups while I host focused and in-depth small groups that generate many more contacts; and
use seminars and standard methodologies to help executives with their resume, messaging, career direction, networking plan, job strategy, positioning and search tactics while I provide targeted counsel and customized strategies based on my clients' particular opportunities and challenges.

Finally, my business credentials are more than competitive with the professionals at outplacement firms yet the cost of our services is similar.

If you know anyone who needs my help with their career transition, please let me know.

Many thanks for spreading the word.

Cheers, Noel

last updated december 2013