Here are 12 crucial factors that consultant Nathan Magnuson says you should consider in decision-making:

* Are you the right person to make the decision?
* What outcomes are you directly responsible for as it relates to the decision? It’s crucial to maintain clarity on what you are trying to accomplish.
* What is more important to the boss?
* What would be most consistent with the organization’s core values?
* What would delight the customers the most?
* What is the most ideal long-term decision?
* What does the data say?
* What are the benefits? Consider primary and secondary benefits, as well as those that will be immediate and others that will lag.
* What are the costs?
* What are the risks?
* What solution is the most simple to implement? “All things being equal,” he says, “always be biased in favour of the simple option.”
* What will be the easiest to communicate?

last updated may 2018