The winner’s wisdom of Silicon Valley Stoics

TheGoat 2 days ago
Having just spent the last four years enjoying a spot of multiple-near-death-by-cancer life jokes from the almighty, here is my advice: enjoy every second to the fullest, life is short and you don't get a second chance. Stay fit not because you feel you have to but because you will enjoy life more if you do. Exercise your brain by doing something hard, like playing an instrument or academic study. Take some time every day to live in the moment. Walking off road is enough - anything where you have to focus on where to put your feet, but it could be running off road, cycling, skiing, sailing, sky diving... whatever. Your brain needs it. Stay away from drugs and hard liquor. Stay away from beer because it makes you fat. Just don't do it, but drink as much wine as you like. Eat like a God, but stay away from highly processed food, sodas - even diet ones are a nightmare - sweets crisps ice cream - all a no-go. Eat what you know you should eat - fish, meat, vegetables, its obvious. Finally adore your partner, cherish your friends, tolerate your family and bring joy into strangers lives for no reason. 

last updated june 2019