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Why I am not ordering Joylent

Joylent is (was) being created in someone’s kitchen in the Netherlands with ground-up vitamin tablets from the local drug store. That doesn’t attract me.

Neither has it been composed as well as Soylent. Where Soylent aims for a round 100% on the daily values, Joylent on several points shoots past the mark. More than 150% the needed iron, and more than 400% the needed Molybdenum (whatever that is). You can compare the nutrition facts of Soylent (1.4) and Joylent yourself.

Also of note is that Soylent has worked hard to be classified as food. They are no supplement or anything else. For this they worked together with physicians and people who know what they are doing. Joylent on the other hand is perfectly honest when they say they “don’t know squat” (literal quote from the FAQ) about consumption safety.

I will wait on Soylent.

last updated may 2015