Iphone 8 Release Date: Features and Things You Need to Know

The iPhone 8 release date and the price are reportedly going to be announced in a few days and everyone is as eager as ever. Yes, iPhone launches have always been the center of everyone’s attention. Since the very first iPhone launched almost ten years ago until the launch its 7th generation last year.

The release always caused an uproar and the anticipation would keep building until it reached its peak in the following weeks after it hit the store. Whenever an iPhone is released to the market, everywhere you go you will see an incredibly long line of people queueing outside the Apple Store to pick their new iPhones. Some of them would go as far as setting up a tent a few days before the release date just to be able to get their hands on the very first batch of brand new iPhones.

All of this craze seems like a total madness to passerbys, but it only serves as a legitimate proof, that with this constant interest from the public, there is no reason to believe that the launch of iPhone 8 will be any different from the previous iPhone models.

The only thing that may be slightly different is, perhaps, the iPhone 8 release date this year. As we all know, Apple has long been known by many to have a certain affinity for releasing its new products in early September. So this may come off as a surprise that Apple will not release its latest iPhone until late September or early October due to a lot of factors.

Yes, a torture at its finest for many iPhone afficionados. On one hand they will be introduced with the new wonder that is iPhone 8 in the launch event, but on the other hand they will not be able to get their hands on any of them until the unforeseeable future.

Many people in the industry predict that the latest iPhone will not be released to the market until mid-late October or even early November due to production glitches. These glitches are reportedly not the only factor stand in the way, the fact that iPhone 8 comes with a bezell-less concept allegedly also slows down production as it is evidently more complicated and time-consuming in terms of production.

Some argue that Apple may release it late September, but with late September being the company’s end of fiscal year, this suggestion seems to be less plausible. Unless, of course, Apple decide to release the smartphone in late September but will not start shipping the product until mid-late October.

While the iPhone 8 release date remains unknown at this stage, however, it is worth noting that the launch date is already set on the 12th of September in its Cupertino, California Campus location. Apple has reportedly sent out limited invitations to prominent players in the tech industry as well as journalists for the unveiling in its private event. So at the very least, we have that going for us.

With the launch date right around the corner, let’s take a look at the iPhone 8 features that would set it apart from it predecessors. While we still have a few days to confirm these features, Apple itself has been hinting at several big changes. Although with ‘smaller body, larger screen’ concept, it may seem as if the new iPhone has taken a liking and its main inspiration from the Galaxy Note 8.

Yes, Samsung may have had a significant boost in its pre-order and sales of the elegantly designed Galaxy Note 8, but what about the features? For what it’s worth, it still does not come with the highly anticipated iOS 11 that the iPhone will obviously have.

Yes, discussions surrounding the latest iOS may still be restricted due to our limited information on what it has to offer. But if the major leaks are to be believed, the iOS will be the smartest one we have yet. It reportedly will change the Touch ID, its game-changer fingerprint recognition technology, with a more sophisticated Face ID. Not only that, it will also be equipped with revised AirPods as well as an optimized True Tone Display.

In terms of features, the leaks pointed out that the iPhone 8 will be equipped with Portrait Lighting which is said to have the ability to create a DSLR quality photos. A more fun feature, the animoji, also makes headlines for its ability to use facial and voice recognition to create animated emoji. Iphone 8 with iOS 11 may be more expensive, but we bet it’ll be worth every penny.

last updated september 2017